Switch Board Upgrade/Safety Switches

Do You Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

If your switchboard looks like this, then yes, you probably do need an electrical switchboard upgrade. Like most things around the home, switchboards also need to be replaced, repaired, and maintained.

Switchboards, also known as fuse boards, are an important component that distributes electricity in the home. A safety switch on a modern switchboard protects the home from power surges that overload the switchboard with electricity. This may occur if multiple high-energy using appliances such as dryers, washing machines, and dishwashers are all being used at the same time.

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When To Upgrade An Electrical Switchboard

There are some obvious indications that your switchboard may need to be replaced, but there are also some less obvious signs that only licensed electricians will be able to point out.

You may also be looking at, renovating, renting out, or selling your house, therefore making a switchboard upgrade a legal requirement.

A few reasons to look at an electrical switchboard upgrade are:

– Flickering Lights
– Constant Power Outages
– A Lack Of A Safety Switch
– Older Style Fuses
– Upgrading Appliances
– Installing Solar
– Adding More Electrical Points In The Home

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What’s The Cost Of A New Switchboard?

The cost of upgrading a switchboard varies from home to home and from budget to budget. All ceramic fuses can be replaced with new, secure circuit breakers and RCDs as part of your switchboard upgrade. This is done in a clean enclosure, along with rewiring and tidying the cables behind your panel, before checking the entire system and residence.

It may also include smart metre installation, panel replacement, new service fuses, and a mains cable upgrade for your consumer mains. This is to ensure that your house is as safe as possible while still complying with Australian Electrical Standards.

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Safety Switches Save Lives!

Safety switches also known as RCD’s are in place to prevent electrical overloads, short circuits, or faulty appliances from overwhelming the switchboard and causing an electric shock. A modern switchboard that contains a safety switch to cut off power within milliseconds to prevent any harm. Older style switchboards may not contain an RCD, therefore it should be your top priority to replace or upgrade your switchboard.

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Getting Testing Your Safety Switches Tested

When installed, switches are often ignored. They must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are still in good working order and providing the required safety. Without the assistance of a qualified electrician, a safety switch may not work properly and you may be putting yourself and others at risk. At Simoes Electrical we can help to maintain regular testing and ensure that your home or office is safe in the event of an electrical failure.

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Our Services

At Simoes Electrical we not only offer switchboard upgrades but a range of other electrical services as well:

– LED Lighting Upgrades
– Split System Air Conditioning Installation
– Commercial Maintenance
– Appliance Installation

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